Vision And Mission

The Vision

An academic institution that keeps aflame the pursuit of knowledge, excellence and the spirit of enquiry; and offers opportunities for learning and leadership, service and self-actualization to all mankind, towards a peaceful, humane, prosperous and just society.

The Mission

To foster sustainable socio-economic development of a humane society through the utilization of knowledge and technology, to unlock the hidden treasures of nature and the human mind within a sound cultural and ethical framework.

The Philosophy of the University

The above vision and mission of the University are embedded in the State's philosophy of education, which includes the following: <br/>

1. The development of the individual into a sound and effective citizen; 

2. The full integration of the individual into the community. 

3. The provision of equal access to educational opportunities for all citizens of the State at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels both inside and outside the formal school system. 

4. The production of self-reliant technical manpower at all levels. 

The educational goals of the State, derived from the above philosophy, may be considered to include the following: <br/>

1. The inculcation of national consciousness and national unity. 

2. The inculcation of the right type of values and attitudes for the survival of the individual and the Nigerian society and the State in particular. <br/>

3. The acquisition of appropriate skills and the development of mental, physical and social abilities and competences as equipment for the individual to live in and contribute to the development of society. 

4. The contribution to national development through high-level relevant manpower training. 

5. The development of the intellectual capacity of individuals to understand, appreciate and protect their local and external physical and cultural environments. 

6. The promotion and encouragement of scholarship and community service.

7. The promotion of national and international understanding and interaction. 

8. The use of education as a catalyst for the rapid industrialization of Akwa Ibom State.

Accordingly, the philosophy of Akwa Ibom State University is to ensure that the University is well focused, and produces graduates that are not only readily employable, but are capable of generating employment, by making use of the vast natural resources and opportunities available in Akwa Ibom State.  The University is, thereby, to identify with the aspirations and commitment of the Government and people of the State towards socio-economic advancement.