About the University

About The University



Akwa Ibom State University is a conventional, multi-campus institution. The main campus is located at Ikot Akpaden, Mkpat Enin Local Government Area. It adjoins the confluence of Ikot Akpaden - Eastern Obolo road and Eket - Ikot Abasi highway. The next campus is located at Obio Akpa, Oruk Anam Local Government Area, along Abak - Ikot Okoro Road.




(i) Vice-Chancellor's Office
(ii) Registry
(iii) Bursary
(iv) University Library
(v) Works Department
(vi) Health Services
(vii) Students' Affairs Division



The organizational structure of the University is patterned, to a large extent on the structures of most other Universities in Nigeria. The administrative structure of the University includes the following bodies:
1. University Governing Council
2. University Senate
3. University Congregation



The Governing Council of Akwa Ibom State University is responsible for the general policies and operations of the University in matters of University property which the Council owns, the finances of the University, matters of discipline as well as the Conditions of service of all staff of the University. Its powers have been specified in the Law establishing the University.



The Senate is the highest academic body of the University. The Senate deals with matters of admissions, organization and control of teaching, academic programmes of departments including course contents, matters of examinations, establishment of new programmes, accreditation of academic programmes, matriculation and graduation, discipline of students and promotion of research in the University.

Functions of the Senate
The following shall be the major functions of the University Senate:
1. Organization and control of Faculties, Departments and other academic units, admission and discipline of students, courses of study, examinations, award of degrees and such other qualification, and to promote research;
2. Make recommendations to the Governing Council on appointment of persons to the position of Professor Emeritus and consideration of persons for the award of honorary fellowships or degrees;
3. Supervision of students and the regulation of their conduct;
4. Determination and description of the academic dress of the university and regulation of the use of such academic dress.



The Congregation has a general function of serving as a forum for discussing any University problem, or issue and to make recommendation to the Council and Senate. The Congregation is made up of the general assembly of senior degree holding members of the University, both academic and non-teaching.