The Registry


The Registrar, Dr. Ebi G. Eno-Ibnaga was born in the City of Benin. She attended the Bendel State University, Ekpoma, and has a Bachelor of Education degree in French. In her quest for further education, Dr. Ebi registered for postgraduate studies in the Benue State University; where she obtained Masters Degree in Education Management and also obtained Ph.D in Educational Administration and Planning from the Nassarawa State University in 2012.

She has served in many professional & Administrative capacities in the following Establishments:

  • Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi: - Administrative Assistant(AA), Administrative Officer (AO) and Information/Protocol Officer in Directorateof Academic Affairs (Senate/Exams & records) and College of Food Scienceand Technology (College Officer).
  • Nassarawa State University: - Assistant Registrar (AR) - Head ofAdministration, Office of the Registrar.
  • University of Uyo: -Senior Assistant Registrar (SAR) – Head, Publications Unit in the Directorateof General Administration and Principal Assistant Registrar (PAR) with effectfrom October, 2012 – Head of Administration, Office of the Registrar.
  • Akwa Ibom State University: - Deputy Registrar (DR) in the Establishment Division and Director in the Directorate of Human Resources

Dr. Ebi has carried out many Administrative Assignments in the University system and has attended many Conferences/Workshops. She has also published papers mainly in Administrative/Management highlighting her experiences as an Administrator in the University system

  • Association of University Professional Administrators (ANUPA)
  • Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM)
  • American Association of University Administrators (AAUA)
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (MCIPM)
  • Association of University Administrators United Kingdom (AUA)


  • School of postgraduate studies
  • Student Affairs
  •  Head of Administration Obio Akpa
  • Lega Unit

The Akwa Ibom State University Laws makes provision for the Office of the Registrar. By virtue of this, the Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University, responsible for advising the Vice-Chancellor on the day-to-day administrative affairs of the University.


The Registrar is the head of the Registry of the Akwa Ibom State University, which is the integral part of the University. The Registry custodies all records, values, traditions; implements policies, rules and regulations of the University.

The Registry is made up of the following Directorates with their Divisions/Units operating under her supervision. These includes:

i.                   Directorate of Academic Affairs

ii.                Directorate of Council Affairs

iii.              Directorate of General Administration

iv.              Directorate of Human Resources

In addition to the above, Legal Services Unit operates under the direct supervision of the Registrar. Also the Registrar has staff members serving various arms of the University and reporting on the professional matters. These includes:

i.                   Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies

ii.                Head of Administration, Obio Akpa Campus

iii.              Student Affairs officer

Furthermore, the Registrar is the Secretary to Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation.



Mission Statement

To adopt modern day technology which will propel high performance among administrative staff members for excellent ethical and professional service delivery and provide well trained core administrators for attainment of the University development.


Vision Statement

To build a robust Registry with up-to-date administrative best practices which will equip all cadre of staff members on the core administrative principles, policies, laws, rules, regulations and most importantly records keeping.



Program/Activities held in the school

a.     1st – 11th Matriculation Ceremony

b.     1st – 5th Convocation Ceremony

c.      1st and 2nd Registry Lecture;

i.          Topic: University and the Role of the University in the Nigeria in the 21st century, held on January 22, 2019

ii.       Topic: Beyond the Walls; the University of the Future, held on May 3, 2020

d.    Administrative Training/workshop held from 15th – 18th May, 2018

e.     Inaugural Lecture










Dr. Ebi G. Eno-Ibanga




Barr. Ekomobong W. Afiah

Senior Assistant Registrar



Mrs. Ofonmbuk E. Ibanga

Principal Executive Officer  I



Mrs. Anietie U. Akpan

Personal Secretary I



Mrs. Aniema E. Enoh

Principal Executive Officer II



Mr. Ndifreke E. Udoh

Personal Secretary II



Mr. Michael M. Bassey

Chief Office Assistant