Job Title and Responsibilities

  • Dean, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Chairman, Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee.
  • Member, Senate Examinations Results Vetting Committee.
  • Member, Committee of Deans.
  • Member, Anti-Corruption and Transparency Monitoring Committee.
  • Member, Post UTME Screening Committee.
  • Member, Council Appointments and Promotions Committee for Senior Administrative/Technical Staff.
  • Member, Akwa Ibom State University Board of Research.

About Me

  • I am a Professor of Mathematics in Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden, Mkpat Enin L.G.A., Akwa Ibom State. My professional life includes working as a writer, an editor, a fabricator and as well a mathematician. I received my Ph. D. in 2007 from the University of Calabar and have taught for several years in the same institution before transferring my service to Akwa Ibom State University. Other institutions I have taught include University of Uyo and Maritime Academy Oron. I am especially interested in the Oscillation Theory for Neutral Delay Impulsive Differential Equations and related areas in analysis.


    • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Applied Mathematics, University of Calabar, 2007.
    • Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Mathematical Physics, Kharkov State University (USSR), 1986. Professional Memberships and Activities
    • Nigerian Mathematical Society.
    • Nigerian Statistical Society.
    • Institute for Operations Research of Nigeria. Expertise
    • TWAS Sponsored Project: Numerical Solutions to Singular Integral Equations of the second kind with real and with complex coefficients.
    • Impulsive Differential Equation: Oscillation Theory for Neutral Delay Impulsive Differential Equations.

      Research Interest:

      Impulsive differential equations describe processes with dynamics of differential equations combined with quick impacts caused by indefinite events. This circle of problems plays an important role in real life since in any design, there are unexpected events. Stochastic differential equations discuss these problems among others in modelling statistical mechanics. It was Barnov and his associates who first formulated the deterministic model of the impact of impulse effects on systems. Barnov's initiatives had a strong influence on the research direction in all the countries that embraced the concept. Consequently, some fundamental aspects of research areas which play important role in such applications as the treatment of delay equations and some other fields missed certain valuable points. There is need to develop a new formulation of the problem that contains the whole Barnovian theory and addresses the circle of problems missing in Barnov's approach. These changes among others include:

  • The addition of impulse effects on the dynamics of the system like impacts of impulses on the engine;
  • Uniform treatment for delay and non-delay impulsive differential equations;
  • Extension of Barnov's coordinate space model of impulses to phase state model where impulse may affect both the coordinates and the impulse momentum.
  • It is worthy of note that the framework of functions of bounded variation gives a chance to build together the coordinate space impulses with the impulses on the system dynamics into a consistent system. The approach is expected to offer a unified frame to handle delay/non-delay problems with the ease similar to what happens in the theory of conventional differential equations. My study aims at the following:

  • Precise formulation of the impulsive model with space state and system impulses;
  • Formulation of condition for the existence of solutions and basic qualitative analysis of the solutions; and finally
  • The study of asymptotic behaviour of delay and non-delay systems.
  • +234 8150342918