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Ibok Nkanikpo Ibok


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  • Ibok Nkanikpo Ibok
  • 08023553684
  • Professor
  • Marketing
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Prof. Ibok is a Professor of Consumer Behaviour and Services Marketing. He has published extensively in National and International Journals in the areas of Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing and Marketing Management with over 100 publications to his credit. He is currently the Dean of Faculty of Management Sciences and Head of Campus in Akwa Ibom State University. His scholarship spans well above 30 years of experience in Nigerian Universities. He has served as external examiner to many Universities in Nigeria and few Universities outside Nigeria. He has also assessed many candidates as Associate Professors and Professors. He is also editor and editor-in-chief to so many Journals. He is currently a member of many professional bodies.

Research Area

1. Consumer Behaviour
2. Services Marketing
3. Marketing Management


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