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Okon Okon Godwin

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  • Okon Okon Godwin
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Dr. Okon Godwin Okon hails from Mbioto 1 in Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He obtained his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Biology (2011) from the University of Abuja, Nigeria, M.Sc. (2015) and Ph.D in Botany (Plant Physiology/Phytochemistry) (2018) from the University of Uyo, Nigeria. Dr. Okon started his full time teaching career at Ritman University, Nigeria; he left to join the Akwa Ibom State University in 2019 as a Lecturer II where he teaches courses in different areas including molecular biology, general biology, plant tissue and organ culture, plant and environmental pollution monitoring and control, general ecology, general mycology, Nigerian vegetation, advanced plant metabolism, mineral nutrition in plants and science innovation and environment at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Dr. Okon was appointed postgraduate and SIWES coordinator for the Dept. of Botany and Quality Assurance Coordinator for the Faculty of Biological Sciences, AKSU in 2020. He is also the Chairman, Faculty of Environmental Management Committee (FEMCO), Biological Sciences, AKSU; and the Assistant Examination Officer for the Dept. of Botany, AKSU. Dr. Okon is extremely passionate about research and has about 40 scientific publications in reputable international journals and some book contributions published in springer to his credit, all in areas of stress physiology, mycorrhizology, mycology, phytochemistry and mangrove mycology. He is happily married.

Research Area

Plant/Environmental Stress Physiology, Phytochemistry, Mangrove Mycology.


Book Publications
1.? ? ? ?Okon, O. G. (2021). The Nutritional Applications of Quinoa Seeds. In: A. Varma (ed.), Biology and Biotechnology of Quinoa. Springer Nature Singapore Pte. Ltd. pp. 35?49.
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List of Research Publications
1.? ? ? ?Zaheer, M.S., Ali, H.H., Erinle, K.O., Shabir, H. W., Okon, O. G., Muhammad, A. N., Muhammad, N., Muhammad, A. B., Muhammad, M. W., Javaid, I. and Ali, R. (2022). Inoculation of Azospirillum brasilense and exogenous application of trans-zeatin riboside alleviates arsenic induced physiological damages in wheat (Triticum aestivum). Environmental Science and Pollution Research.
2.? ? ? ?Okon, O. G., Okon, J. E., Sam, S. M., Udoh, L. I. and Udoh, F. E. (2021). Checklist, Conservation Status and Health Status Assessment via Total Photosynthetic Pigment Contents of Plants found at the Akwa Ibom State University Botanical Garden, Nigeria. Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES), 19 (6): 20-29.
3.? ? ? ?Matrood, A. A., Rhouma, A. and Okon, O. G. (2021). Evaluation of the Biological Control Agent?s Efficiency Against the Causal Agent of Early Blight of Solanum melongena. Arab Journal of Plant Protection,39(3): 204-209.
4.? ? ? ?Matrood, A. A., Okon, O. G., Al-Waeli, M. A. and Muhammad, S. Z. (2021). Changes in Growth Characters of Two Cucurbits Inoculated with Mycorrhiza and Augmented with Poultry Manure under Sea Salt Stress. Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, 22(1&2):42-57.
5.? ? ? ?Salman Ahmad, Muhammad Saqlain Zaheer, Hafiz Haider Ali, Kehinde O. Erinle, Shabir Hussain Wani, Rashid Iqbal, Okon Godwin Okon, Ali Raza, Muhammad Mohsin Waqas & Muhammad Nawaz (2021). Physiological and biochemical properties of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under different mulching and water management systems in the semi-arid region of Punjab, Pakistan. Arid Land Research and Management,
6.? ? ? ?Okon, O. G., Matrood, A. A. A. and Okon, J. E. (2020). Na+ exclusion and Na+/K+ ratio adjustment by mycorrhiza enhances macro/micro nutrients uptake in two members of Cucurbitaceae family under salt stress. International Journal of Botany Studies, 5(3):108-114.
7.? ? ? ?Matrood, A. A. A., Khrieba, M. I. and Okon, O. G. (2020). Synergistic interaction of Glomus mosseae T. and Trichoderma harzianum R. in the induction of systemic resistance of Cucumis sativus L. to Alternaria alternata (Fr.) K. Plant Science Today, 7(1): 101-108.?
8.? ? ? ?Okon, O. G., Uyon, P. P. and Nyaette, E. M. (2019). Morpho-Physiological Responses of Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench to Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculation under Drought Stress. Asian Plant Research Journal, 3(1): 1-8.
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11.? ? Okon, O. G., Okon, J. E., Uyon, P. P. and Andrew, O. V. (2019). Growth and Some Physiological Attribute Responses of Cucurbita maxima Duch. to Sea Salt Stress and Mycorrhizal Fungi Mitigation. International Journal of Botany Studies, 4(3): 63-71.
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14.? ? Okon, O. G., Okon, J. E. and Eneh, G. D. O. (2018). Alleviatory Effect of Compost Amendments of Crude Oil Impacted Soil on the Neutraceutical Composition of Cucurbita maxima Duch. Journal of Horticulture and Plant Research, 1: 35-45.

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17.? ? Grace D. O. Eneh, Okon, O. G., Joseph E. Okon and Nsikak B. Essien (2018). Phytochemical Studies and Antidiabetic Activities of Newbouldia laevis (P. Beauv) Ethanolic Leaves Extracts in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats. International Journal of Scientific Research in Chemistry, 3(5): 52-61.
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