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Ibeh Ms. Mayen I

Lecturer II

Basic Information

  • Ibeh Ms. Mayen I
  • 2347089149591
  • Lecturer II
  • Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering
  • Academic Staff


Mayen Ibeh has a B.Sc in Chemistry from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She went on to the University of Port Harcourt where she obtained a postgraduate diploma and M.Eng in Petroleum Engineering. She has worked in several oil service companies such as Core Laboratories Inc., Western Atlas International (Nig). Limited, Port Harcourt, and Delta TerraTek, Lagos. She has served as Reservoir Fluids Analyst, Conventional Rock Properties Analyst and Special Core Analyst. After which she obtained M.Sc in Oil and Gas Engineering from The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. She is currently pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Ibadan

Research Area

Her research interests are in Petroleum Reservoir Studies, Oil and Gas Economics, Biofuels and Green Chemistry.


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Conference Papers

[1]. R. Babalola, V. E. Efeovbokhan, Y. O. Atiku, U. E. Usoro, M. A. Ibeh, E. E. Alagbe (2020). Slurry-Phase Bioremediation of Ogoni Land Crude Oil Contaminated Soil. 4th International Conference on Engineering for a Sustainable World (ICESW). Covenant University, Ota. August 10-14, 2020.