Director SIWES

dean of SIWES

Dr Joseph Bassey Emah

Director SIWES

Dr. Joseph Emah obtained his BSc in Physics from University of Calabar in 1997, MSc in Condensed Matter Physics from University of Ibadan in 2002, and a PhD in Nano Electronics Engineering from University of Surrey, United Kingdom in 2010. He started his career as a Graduate Assistant at Physics Department, University of Uyo in 2000 and moved to the then Akwa Ibom State University of Technology (now Akwa Ibom State University) in 2006.

He has served as Examination Officer both in University of Uyo and Akwa Ibom State University, Head of Department of Physics and he is currently a Senior Lecturer and the Director of SIWES.

His research interests are in the study and development of organic solar photovoltaics and electronics devices, and theoretical physics. His current research is on the application of solar energy in maintaining the cleanliness of water in overhead storage tanks.

Experimental techniques utilized in his research include steady-state (UV-Vis-NIR, FTIR, Raman, PL) spectroscopy. He also uses SEM, AFM, UPS and XPS in collaboration with others at the Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, UK.

He lectures in the following areas of Physics cutting across all levels of students: Modern Physics, Special Relativity, Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Electronics, Semiconductor Physics and Material Science. He also supervises undergraduatesí projects mainly in building electronics devices.